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Internationally traded thermal coals. It is a high volatile bituminous coal with high calorific value, very low ash, moderate sulphur, and relatively low total moisture. It is a bright and lustrous coal with high vitrinite content

6000 GAR

GAD 6400
Total Sulfur 0.9
Total Moisture 12
Ash 16.5

5800 GAR

GAD 6150
Total Sulfur 0.8
Total Moisture 16
Ash 6

5500 GAR

GAD 5900
Total Sulfur 0.8
Total Moisture 20
Ash 10

5000 GAR

GAD 6050
Total Sulfur 0.7
Total Moisture 29
Ash 4.9

4200 GAR

GAD 5500
Total Sulphur 0.2
Total Moisture 35
Ash 3.5

4100 GAR

GAD 5300
Total Sulfur 0.4
Total Moisture 36
Ash 5

3700 GAR

GAD 5300
Total Sulfur 0.2
Total Moisture 42
Ash 4

3400 GAR

GAD 5200
Total Sulfur 0.1
Total Moisture 46
Ash 5

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JWC has two transhipping methods:

  1. Coal is transhipped to geared vessels at Kalimantan anchorage, approximately 1 km from shore at a rate of 12,500 tpd.

  2. Coal is transhipped to gearless vessels through a Floating Transfer Station with single and double cranes with a capacity of 18,000 tons per day (tpd) to 30,000 tpd, as well as 2 Floating Loading Facilities with conveyor belt system and metal detector using a double crane with a capacity of 50,000 tpd. The entire floating cranes fleet fulfills Indonesian Classification Bureau requirements, and the majority also meets the requirements of global classification societies namely Registro Italiano Navale (RINA), Bureau Veritas (BV), Nipon Kaiji Kyokai (NK), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) dan Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

  3. Coal is loaded to barges at rate of 3,000 tpd


Trading with JWC - We provide services that connect buyer and seller, bid, and offer efficiently with us.

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We market commodities from our suppliers to customers and connect them. We propose to our supplier how much sales we can bring to our suppliers.

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We implement quality assurance at all phases from mining, processing, handling, loading, and delivery to our customers. We committed to deliver our product in accordance with the specifications our customers demand. Independent surveyor also takes place in assuring our product and supply chain quality.

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